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Selling a home is a big step in one’s life. Whether it is your first or hundredth sale, there are a significant number of steps that needs to be taken in order to maximize your proceeds. 

When deliberating the sale of a home, there are several commitments on behalf of the seller that needs to be considered. Think back to the time you were on the other side of the fence searching for a home; remember how observant you were to every detail of your potential investment? That is the type of attitude that realistic buyers will have when considering your home as their investment. 

Here are a few things to consider when preparing a house for sale to maximize its price:

The exterior of the house makes the first impression. Tidy up the front and back yard, touch up the paint job if necessary, and have a clear drive way and a welcoming walkway. 

If you are considering painting the inside of your home, choose a neutral color that is delightful to the majority of potential buyers.

If there is clutter in the rooms, including the garage and the closets, it is best to clean the disorder. Organized rooms look spacious and welcoming.

Fix anything that is malfunctioning. You do not want the buyers leaving your open house with the image of a broken faucet stuck in their minds.

To keep the potential buyers comfortable and away from possible danger, it is best to keep pets outside during the open house walkthrough.

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Pricing your home:
Pricing the home accurately is important for a timely sale; it is the deciding factor on whether the home will be sold in a few weeks or a year. Economic conditions, interest rates, and location are factors that influence the amount buyers are willing and able to pay for a property. Our real estate professionals will provide you with a comparable market analysis. This is a comparison of the local market, including a thorough research of similar properties and the economic influence.

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Stand out from the crowd:
Spend some time working on a marketing strategy with your real estate agent. Yard signs, newspaper advertisements, and internet advertisements are all excellent strategies for marketing a home. This is also the time to get your home ready for showings; consult with your agent at a time convenient for you.  

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Receiving an offer:
The time has come to sort through the offers from potential buyers. At first, your real estate agent will discover whether the individual is pre qualified or pre-approved to buy your home. Those who fit the criteria will be examined by both you and your agent to identify the conditions necessary to complete the transaction. 

Here are some items that should be included in the contract:
  • Legal description of the property
  • Offer price
  • Down payment
  • Financing arrangements
  • List of fees and clarification of which party that will be paying which fee
  • Deposit amount
  • Inspection rights and possible repair allowances
  • Method of conveying the title 
  • The party in charge of closing
  • Appliances and furnishings that will be part of the sale 
  • Settlement date
  • Contingencies
After reviewing the conditions of the offer, you will have three options: accept the contract, propose a counteroffer, or reject the offer. The document becomes legally binding once signed by both parties.